Font size in notes versus reports

Over the years I have generally increased the font size in Notes from 10 pt to 14 pt to make editing easier. This has had the unwanted and ironic side-effect of making the text in those Notes too small in Narrated Web Site reports. On the other hand, Notes for which I happen to have not modified the font size appear just right in the same reports.

After seeing this result, I decided I would prefer better-looking reports, at the cost of less ease at editing time, and therefore resolved to remove all the font size markup from all my Notes. I appear to have two options:

  1. Open each Note, remove all markup, manually reapply desirable markup like bold, etc, save Note. The disadvantage of this is that it is time-consuming and error-prone

  2. Run Note Cleanup plugin. The disadvantage of this, though it is a great plugin, is that it has a fixed idea of what is a problem and what isn’t. So font size is not flagged as a problem and moreover there appears to be no way to globally remove markup with this tool.

So, one question and one suggestion:

Question: does anyone know how I could globally remove all font size settings from all Notes, with or without disturbing other markup?

Suggestion: add a usability preference function to allow adjustment of on-screen display of Note text, without embedding markup in the text itself. If this were implemented, I could at least in future have both easy editing and nice-looking reports, though I would still have to fix my past markups.

Just an idea to check out. Export the tree to Gramps XML and decompress
the file. You can then open it in any text editor and look at how fonts
are indicated in notes in the XML file. You may then be able to do a
global modification to remove them. Then create a new database and
import the modified XML file.

I’ve never changed font sizes in notes, so I am not certain this would
do what you want, but I have used this technique for making other global
changes when I realized I had something widespread that I didn’t want.


Thank you for that suggestion. It worked. I uncompressed the file with 7-Zip, opened it in Notepad++, found that the code for specifying font sizes is nicely separated from other style-setting code in a three-line format like this:

<style name="fontsize" value="14">
    <range start="0" end="314"/>

After a fair bit of experimenting I found that I could locate all occurrences with the regular expression search string:

\s+<style name="fontsize" value="\d+">\n\s+<range start="\d+" end="\d+"\/>\n\s+</style>

which captured the white space of the indents properly too. Replacing the search results with nothing cleaned out the three lines tidily. I compressed the file with 7-Zip and imported it into a new database. Within GRAMPS I’ve checked the first 20 or so Notes, and they all now have the default font size and have retained other markup just as I wanted.

EDIT: I’ve just generated a new Narrated Web Site report and that is looking good too.

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