Selective export

How do I create a ged file for a selection of entries?

Any time you export anything but the full database, you need to create a filter. This filter gets applied to the export’s Export Options screen.

Without knowing which entries you want to export it is hard to help you set up the filter.


I set the GRAMPS person filter to one surname and choose
“calculate previews” which shows just 600 people out of the list
of 14,000

The resulting file is under 100 kb (I attach it)

I then try to upload the file to import it into my GENEANET
Family Tree to add data so that I can update the entries for that
name, but this is not successful.

Any ideas welcome!


(Attachment Windsor_Cicognani.ged is missing)

Hello Roger,

 I then try to upload the file to import it into my GENEANET


Any ideas welcome!

Asking at Geneanet might get a better, perhaps.

In any event, asking for assistance without providing any error messages
(or similar) leaves us just guessing.

One test you might try is to create a new database file in Gramps and import the GEDCOM you created. If that imports correctly or as expected, then as @anon80682706 says, the issue may be with Geneanet

Geneanet’s Gramps forum is here: Gramps - Forums Geneanet

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