Temporary tree for Topiary work before export or reports

On Genealogy dot net’s gramps-l section, Juliane Van Vugt requested addition export filtering beyond just “People”, privacy and living.

JvanVugt wrote (in German):
Dear list participants,
Today I wanted to upload data from Gramps to Gedbas and saw that a lot of data that was only of interest to me personally had been exported.
Now I thought of a filter for creating the ged.com file that only exports data such as birth, marriage and death. Unfortunately I haven’t figured out how this is supposed to work yet. I’ve already looked at how to get to the topic of creating filters in Gramps, but in my opinion none of the options there fit my topic.
I would be happy if someone has a solution for this.
Many thanks in advance.
Best regards
Juliane (van Vugt)

She did not want to set Privacy for Events other than birth or death. They would just have to be removed. She deemed the installation of add-ons and scripts beyond her abilities. (I pointed out that most of the add-ons are not “power user” tools. Many are to simplify complex or manual tasks.)

So she would like something easier to do a bare-bones export for external tools.

Maybe another GEDCOM Exporter addon with Custom Filter selections for Events and another for Notes?

Or a more streamlined way to make a temporary clone that you can then whittle down? (Like… actually clone into a Temporary directory, switch the “loaded” tree to the temp, and disable backup settings for the session.) Once the trimmed tree is export to the target format/report, the temporary just ‘goes away’ when you load the original tree. (It would actually stick around until the OS flushes the temp files.)