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I’m having a problem trying to figure out the proper way to export and import data from In a recent import Gramps says I have 500+ individuals, but the tree only shows like 4 people. I’m guessing there’s an issue with linking the individuals together? Anyhow maybe someone’s aware of an issue and how to fix. In fact, I did find a python script that was supposed to fix issues. But even running it, the imported ged file had pretty much the same info and still no tree.


(Gramps 5.1.5 on SolusOS and PureOS)

Geni’s support page for GEDCOM export mentions you may only export a GEDCOM file focused on profiles that you added to Geni could that be the issue?

Created an account on Geni to see what options they give you for GEDCOM exports and note that the default is “Blood Relatives” & type: “Family Tree Builder 8.0” I suggest you change the type to “GEDCOM 5.5.1” and try again with a smaller amount people first and report back?

No. I’ve maintained the Geni page for many years and only I was able to add stuff. In fact, I’m almost positive that a lot of the data in Geni was from my 0.x version of Gramps. Although I didn’t maintain Gramps, it has a lot of the data.
There are several different export options. The Forest export has over 500 people in it, but now that I look only 9 people in the tree starting from me on down.
The Ancestors export has the same number of people, but only shows ME in the tree. No one else.
The Descendants export has only 6 people in it and only shows 4 in the tree from me on down.
There is a Bio export, but it’s just a little larger than Descendants, so I doubt it’ll show much.

BTW, I imported these into MyHeritage just to see if there was any difference, but they all showed the same.

At least that confirms that the issue is not with Gramps!

Maybe reach out to Geni support and see if is something they have changed?

I’ve imported many large files from Geni -works like a charm. Haven’t noticed any difference between using the types “Family Tree Builder 8.0” or “GEDCOM 5.5.1”
I suggest you open the gedcom file with a text editor, just look at it there and you’ll see what it contains. NOTE: Geni lets you export only 4x the profiles you have added to Geni.

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