Report on Events with or without filters

GrampsAIO64-5.1.2-1 & Windows 10.

I would like to be able to create a report on all my events in the database showing in particular the Event Type, Name and Role (although date and location would be useful). PDF or screen is OK but would prefer to csv. Also being able to filter by Event type would be even better. Have looked and cannot seem to fin anything suitable in Gramps or Third Party add ons.

Many thanks in advance.


On most Category List Views, displayed data maybe be exported as a Spreadsheet or CSV file, choose via the Family Trees ->Export View… menu command.

But I cannot find a view that shows that information. :frowning_face:

This includes the Events List View and the other category list views mentioned here

Thanks but this does not show the “Role” that I want to show. I want to make sure that there is a “bride” and “Groom” for each marriage event.

It doesn’t have Role as one of the columns though. That’s because you can have multiple participants on Shared Events.

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I’m not sure of that but it seems to me there it’s no people and events csv export displaying role of people in these events too

Then you want the Family view. This will show the two people attached to each family and the Relationship of the Family.

I have some Families where the Mother and Father are unknown and left empty. This happens when I know two or more people are siblings but have been unable to find the parents. I Tag these families as “Related Siblings (unknown) parents)” and color code the Tag as Red. This easily tells me that the parents are empty and I know why.

I do the same for same-sex families with a color coded Tag. This tells me that the gender of the person will not match the category “Father” or “Mother”.

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If what you really want is to identify events that are missing either the “Bride” or “Groom” role (or both), then you can create a custom filter in the Family view, I think something like this:

Custom filter: “Families without a bride and/or groom role” (or whatever you wish to name it)

Rule: “Families with events with the <role>” Role=“Bride”;Inverse=1 (Does NOT match with selected Role)

Rule: “Families with events with the <role>” Role=“Groom”;Inverse=1 (Does NOT match with selected Role)

Options: “At least one rule must apply”

Personally I don’t use those two event roles, so I can’t test it without creating some other data, but it should at least get you started if that’s what you’re looking for. It might also return families that have no marriage event at all. Of course, you could add more rules to the custom filter. The logic starts to get tricky when you have a mix of positive and negative conditions.

I do not think it is a matter of an event with a particular role.

In the Family editor, do the Father/partner1 and Mother/partner2 slots have people in them.

I just a quick look and there is no filter in the Family Filter editor that checks for empty slots.

I just do a sort on the Father field in the family list and then do the same for Mother. When the slot is empty, these records get sent to the top of the list.

Would it help to have a new category view, in which the columns included participant (person name), event type, event date, role, etc.?

It would be different than the existing Events view because there would be a separate row for each participant, for example:

Type - Date - Participant - Role
Baptism - 1900-01-01 - John Doe - godfather
Baptism - 1900-01-01 - Jane Doe - godmother
Baptism - 1900-01-01 - etc. (additional participants)

As with other views, the columns could be reordered as desired, and custom filters could be applied.

An alternative approach would be to enhance the existing Events view such that the Main Participants column included not only the person names but also the roles, for example:

Type - Date - Main Participants
Baptism - 1900-01-01 - John Doe (godfather), Jane Doe (godmother), etc. (additional participants)

But that might be harder to filter?

Adding another Event View mode might be a good thing.

The current Event view is not a flat list. It sub-groups ‘share’ references for an Event. But that is a composited alias of those References in the Main Participants. This creates a display ambiguity when Shared References have different Privacy setting for different Roles.

Perhaps there should be a mode that displayd one reference per row. Such a View could also include a Role column.

All the table views have filtered & customizable CSV & OpenDocument Spreadsheet formats in their Export View… option. So filtering, Configuration & that feature addresses a lot of the basic data interchange issues.

I suppose if there was a truly flat mode Event view, with 1 row per Reference & Role column, it would make sense to have a Reference ID column option in addition to the Event ID column.

Probably. But adding another View mode with no consolidation & 2 more columns would be dead simple. Adding a new format is a major development investment.

When you say ‘not that much’, you’re not thinking like a programmer.

To make a modified mode, it just requires duplicating a module and maybe adding a half dozen lines of codes and changing values in probably 20 more. It wouldn’t even take any design work or crosswalk analysis.

Well looks like I opened a can of worms with my question. In the short term I have a work around. If I create a “Complete Individual Report” it shows those with a “Marriage” event and also if they are “Bride”, “Groom”, etc or nothing. If the report is in pdf or text, etc I can search for the word “Marriage” and check it has Bride, Groom, etc. Long way but workable.

Thing is I am NOT a programmer so am only looking at what works for me. If someone else can do something I would be most appreciated> I tried to view in SQLite but the “Role” , “Event type”, etc does not show.

On the basis that the software is free I am more than happy with what I have and what I can do now. We can all have a wish list but unless you want to pay for software or do the work yourself we should be thankful for what we have. I have only been a member for a few weeks so am not aware of the BLOBS you talk about.

If you are referring to the SQLite export – see the notes here for a way to fix it.


I tried to make the changes you listed and have two issues:
1/ Could not find the section for : -
Changed these lines in export_data():

the_type[0], the_type[1], change,

the_type[0], str(FamilyRelType(the_type)), change,

handle, gid, the_type[0], the_type[1],

handle, gid, the_type[0], str(RepositoryType(the_type)),

place_type[0], place_type[1],

place_type[0], str(PlaceType(place_type)),

2/ When I did save the changes and restarted GRAMPS and tried to do an export the SQLite option did not show. Restored the original zip file and restarted and works fine (but naturally no changes). Any suggestions?



Les, sorry about that, it should say “exportData()” rather than “export_data()”. I’m unable to edit the original post since it’s closed now.

As to why the SQLite option didn’t show, there must be a typo or something causing it not load, and I don’t know how to debug other than trial and error. Did you add all of those “from gramps. … import …” lines right after the three that were already there?