Detailed Descendant Report

GRAMPS: 5.1.4
Python: 3.7.3 (default, Jan 22 2021, 20:04:44) […
BSDDB: 6.2.6 (5, 3, 28)
sqlite: 3.27.2 (2.6.0)
OS: Linux
Distribution: 4.19.0-17-amd64

Does anybody know why the Detailed Descendant Report only prints events with a ‘Primary’ Role ?

Not sure why. I also wondered and found the fix.

The report is \gramps\plugins\textreport\

at line 909 change

 for event_ref in person.get_primary_event_ref_list()


 for event_ref in person.get_event_ref_list()

Be careful not to change the indent.

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Thanks Dave, I’d done that already, but it is always nice to get a second opinion. Is it worth raising a Bug report ? complete with fix.
Maybe there are people out there who do not want the miscellaneous hangers on at wedding and baptisms having those weddings and baptisms displayed for the non-primary person.

Personally I do not need the fix. I only found the issue after experimenting with the report for something else. I do not normally use printed reports so only added the fix to my other list of tweaks.

Maybe if others now come forward… a fix can be made. Maybe a report option?

It could become a good example of how to add a option to an existing report… both the tweak for the GUI and for the underlying code.

But how would you interface the option? It could be a true/false of ALL types or just Primary.

@Mattkmmr just did an extended selection option for Event types (collating built-in and custom types) for his Heatmap addon web pages report.

He hasn’t said when/if he intends to release it. But the method should be fresh in his mind.

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@emyoulation I’ve already opend a pull request draft, but there is still some stuff missing (custom event types and fixing the deselect issue when switching tabs).

Depending on which events should be used, BooleanOption (=checkbox: use all events) or a EnumeratedListOption (selector: all, primary, secondary) should be enough. I just created a new menu option with a new GUI for the heatmap report, because I don’t wanted 40+ checkboxes for each event type in the menu options. :smiley:

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