Detailed descendant's report vs detailed ancestor

Question / request. When I create a detailed descendant’s report, I get under
the section “more about” in the report the information about birth and death
incl. notices linked to these. But, when I create a detailed ancestor report, it
is not possible to include these two in the settings and under this section.
Does anyone have a way to solve this so this information (birth, death and
notices) will be included in the detailed ancestors report as well? Sincerely

Apart from filing a bug report and waiting a long time for someone qualified to do something about it, you will have to modify the code.

Unfortunately the Detailed Descendant and Detailed Ancestor reports are part of the main program and are not plugins.

The result of that is that you have to modify the code of the existing program,
Both the ancestor and descendant report programs are to be found (Linux) /usr/lib/python3/dist-packages/gramps/plugins/textreport directory. Root permission will be required. ompare the two files, They do similar things so there should be some similarities. Look for the formatting codes (eg DAR-Title) to give some idea of what the program is printing in a given bit of code.
Oh yes, and get a book on Python programming.
Always keep a copy of the original file for when you really screw up.
When you change a file you will need to close and reopen Gramps to see the changes take effect.
Don’t be afraid to have a go, and good luck.
If you do manage to get it working, then keep a copy of your modified file, because the next Gramps update will overwrite everything that you have done,
This may come across as critical of the development team. that is not my intention. They have higher priorities than fixing things which do work well, even if some of us wished they worked differently.

I am wondering if there are tips somewhere for copying an internal report to a make an experimental add-on?

It seems like that requires converting the library paths and making a new registration file. What else?

I think a lot more people would be intrigued with the possibilities of tweaking reports without the risk of breaking a feature. Particularly one that they use often enough that tweaking it seemed like a good idea.

That’s a good idea for a separate discussion thread. Another outcome might be some feature requests for things that would make it easier for that kind of user to do those kinds of things.

Thank you so much for the information! Since I do not have experience with Python and have difficulty understanding the structure of the code, it is difficult. If it is the case that someone knows which code-strings I can copy from “detdescendantreport” to “detancestralreport” to include birth, death and notices under the more about section in Detailed Ancestral Report, I am very grateful. Will definitely try to learn more about pyhon programming. Would be very nice to learn to adjust / design a little yourself based on how you want it. Thanks!