Text reports fine tuning

I would like to fine tune decendant text reports, but have not found a way to do it with built-in routines. Is there a relatively easy way to add some features with minor programming skills?

gramps 5.1.3 on debian linux computer

regards: harritapio

Modifying built-in reports should be avoided because it is harder to recover when it gets screwed up. It is better to hack in add-ons.

There is a Report Writing tutorial in the wiki.

But we still need a tutorial on how to find & copy a “built-in” to the plugins folder and then convert it to a functioning 3rd Party add-on … where it would be safer for experimenting.

Thanks for your advice!

I will look at the Report Writing tutorial, maybe it will give some ideas what to do.

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Improving the those instructions (like adding anything you had to seek out to the “See also” section) would be welcome.

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