Add-On Report Missing Link

Recently some kind soul published a link to How to Write an Add-On Report. I can not find it. Is there someone who can point me in the right direction.
I have tried searching the Help without success, perhaps I am searching for the wrong thing. But I don’t think the original link was in the standard help.

Maybe these are what you are looking for.

Addons development

Writing a plugin

To find this, I Googled “report

By the way, on my phone, I’ve set a predictive text suggestion. Anytime I type “gr”, my virtual keyboard suggests the phrase will be “
(It goes well with “dac” being “Daggum auto-keywrecked!”)

I have not written any reports. Anyone who wants to add notes because something was unclear, missing or had to be looked up elsewhere, please do.

If you find the MediaWiki content too aggravating to edit, make a note here. We’ll integrate it for you.

Please help make the tutorial better for the others. Who knows? It might help you a year from now when you have to write another report and have forgotten the specifics!

Thanks everyone for replying to my request.
I have been looking to use a Radio Button option in the Menu.
Is there an Radio Button Option defined ?
Having read and digested the suggested pages, I will try the enumerated list option.
Thanks again for your speedy assistance.
Update - EnumeratedListOption works fine.

We should asked @cdhorn where he found docs/example for adding Preference selections and tabbed menus. I don’t think anyone has done as massive a set of options as for he added for his Relationships view Profile mode add-on.

Although it might be different for Configuration options for a view and Report options.

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