Private event in person editor

Is there something to do to display the lock next to private events in the person editor?

We need to start cross-connecting information about hacks to the interface.

Like this tweak that adds Phone and ZIP/Postal columns to the Addresses tab.

The padlock column already exists in the Person Editor… although it is often to the right of the default window size’s righthand border. It sound like maybe you want to change the order of columns?

Yes I have seen this column but how to display the padlock in it when the event is private?

There are two locks on the event. The Shared Information which locks the overall event but where many events are shared, setting the lock in Referenced information, the event for that person, sets the lock display.

The event can be “public” for some people while locked for certain other people.

Maybe setting the Shared lock should also display in the event list. Until your post, I never noticed it before and had to explore to see what was happening.

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Thanks a lot. I never paid attention to the padlock on the reference part of the event.

Yes sure. If the shared part is locked the event is locked for everybody and the padlock should appear on any person or familly the event is shared with.


Ouch. Then you’d need to express more than 2 states (locked/unlocked) for the privacy.

These would include an inherited lock state and its explicit lock state.

Why? The event would either be locked for every person the event is shared with or just locked for the specific person. Either way, the event would be locked/private in the person’s event list.


Because users need a visual indicator of which editor has the ability to Unlock the setting. If you’re down deep in a cascade of inherited locks, you would not be able to determine if you had cleared the lock at that level. You would have to start at the top and clear your way down. You already have to clear from the top downwards with the (currently used) single-level padlock display, but at least you can see if the current level is clear.

Perhaps if double-clicking/right-clicking a dimmed lock would pop up the top editor that locked this item, then displaying an inherited lock state might be viable.

That’s pretty complicated. Letter glyphs might be too language specific to be used in icons. And color-coding adds a bunch of color perception issues.

When it gets down to it, all you need to know visually is if the Privacy applies to this object & if the Privacy was invoked at this and/or a different level.

If the interface was modified, it would make more sense to make a Privacy Editor feature that brought up a list dialog of the Levels that enclose the Object. Each list item could have it’s own changeable padlock. An intuitive way to indicate it was locked on different levels instead of (or in combination with) the current level might be to use a combination lock icon. So the 3 states would become: unlocked, locked, & combo locked.

The first time I saw a padlock icon in Gramps, I thought it was so you could lock a record against being edited. Record locking is common feature in databases.

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