Editing family events

Just a work flow request. When bringing up the Person edit window and then select any family events, Gramps then opens up the edit Family window. Then you have to open the events tab and reselect the event you want to work on. This does seem a little redundant as it adds extra steps.


This might suggest some additional tweaks:

  1. The context menu for the Family Events in the Person editor’s Event tab stray outside of the context. They are: Add [a personal event]; Edit [the Family container]. Neither is in context of that indicated Family Event. They should be: Add [a Family event]; Edit [the Family Event].
  2. The context menu for Family containers is missing in the Person Editor’s Events tab. A new context menu might be: Add Family (with guessing Partner role by gender); Add Parents; Add Family Event; Edit [the Family container], Make Family Active
  3. The Source and Privacy columns are not populated for Containers. (i.e.; a Personal or Family container has no marker for Source or Lock if a record exists at the Container level)
  4. The dialog is missing visibility to the Families where the person is a Child. Unless the Person held an explicit shared role in a Family Events, no Events need be listed. However, the Role (Child, Partner1 or Partner2) should be populated in the Role column of the Family containers.

I’ve done this so often, I don’t notice it anymore.

But you’re quite right, it’s not ideal.