Porting Gramps database from Windows to Mac

I have a database on Gramps 5.1.5 running on a Windows 10 laptop, and would like to share it with someone running Gramps 5.1.5 on an Apple laptop (Mac OS 10.10+). Is this easy to do, or horribly hard?

Depends on what you mean by sharing?

If you only mean to give a copy of family tree to somebody and not have it modified by them then you could make a full backup and have them restore it?

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Unfortunately, I want them to continue to modify the family tree on their own. My problem is how to get my Gramps family tree (created in the Windows version) onto Gramps on their Apple laptop, and have them then be able to continue working on the tree.

You can make a backup, with or without media, and give that to them. They must then make a new empty tree, and import that backup into that.

Things may get difficult, if you later want to incorporate their changes into you own tree. We have a facility for that, but it can be quite overwhelming.

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Thank you!
So then, a backup that I make on my Windows laptop will be readable on their Apple laptop?

Yes the backup file is independent of all operating systems used and essentially just a compressed text file (XML format) that you can view in a text editor if you want!

Amazing–thank you so much! Problem solved!