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I’m currently running Gramps 5.1.3 on an older Windows 10 laptop. I have now got a new Windows laptop and need to migrate my Gramps ‘stuff’ to the new system. I need some advice on what is the best process to do this?

Can I copy the SQLite DB directory to the new system and then install Gramps 5.1.3? Is there any other data that needs to be copied for this to be viable?

Or am I best to choose one of the DB Backup formats and load into an empty install?

…John G

Note: %AppData% is a Windows specific Environment Variable. It is a shortcut to the User Directory that bypasses the ugliness of a variable UserProfile (username) in the filepath.

Copy the the following folders from the old laptop to a USB thumb drive:

Install a fresh Gramps 5.1.3-2 all-in-one download to the new laptop. Download & install the set of add-ons.

Overwrite using the 2 folders from the thumb drive to the new laptop

That will give you everything but the Media files.

It also includes those pesky configuration files. Pre-installing the add-ons & then overwriting assures you’ll get the pre-requisites too.

I hope you made an image of the machine before installing anything. People end up thinking they need a new machine in a couple years. That’s because the accumulating clutter degrades performance. Often, you can backup the data, restore to factory fresh, re-install the apps & data; and suddenly it runs like a new machine again.

Drives tend to wear out too. So I might swap in a new drive and use the old one in an enclosure.

Thanks for your help and advice. It’s getting late here (NZ) so I will do the Gramps process in the morning.

I have an image from new, and I will take another once I install the basics of what I use - Gramps being one of them. I just purchased a new external drive today!.

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Thanks, Brian. Just in case anyone else wants to know this process worked and I now have my Gramps system functional on my new laptop.

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