Migrating GRAMPS from one Linux install to another


I am in the process of migrating GRAMPS from one Linux install to another but I was hoping that somebody would be kind enough, please, too advise me of the files that need to be moved and their locations within Linux Mint. I understand that there is a database lurking around somewhere too.

I have manually imputted geographic co-ordinates in the “places” module that I am keen not to lose.

Thanks ever so much.


The simplest way would be to create a Gramps XML backup that includes all your media files assuming you are moving to a brand new system? This would at least insure you have a backup, I strongly suggest you save it to another physical backup device.

see the following.

and the following to restore

Also some note that the backup does not include some files see the " What’s not included:" section

This is what I would do. I am on Win10 but the same principles apply.

Install the latest (or the same) version of Gramps on your New machine.

Make a .gramps (XML) non media backup of the database. Copy this backup file and all of your media files and and their folder structure from the old machine to the new machine.

On the new machine, create a new empty database and import the backup file.

There may be some other files you may want to migrate between machines.

In your User Directory in your version folder (gramps##) the files to be saved most notably are gramps.ini and custom_filters.xml. The folder will also contain all of the ini files that contain all of the settings of the various Gramps views.

I would do a clean install of the addons on the new machine and not move them between machines.

This is the basic steps I would do. Now the caveat: I am not a Linux user so I will leave which other files a Linux install needs to your fellow Linux users.

Hello Deleathan

Thank you for your reply, the issue I have is that I can’t boot into the Linux System so I am forced to transfere the data from one hard drive to another with out access to the GRAMPS program, I am preparing to move the GRAMPS install over to another laptop.

Also, please could you include the locations of the files that need backing up and also how to go about restoring them.

Thank you again.


Hello DaveSch

Thank you for reply but as added above you will see I can not access the current Linux install my primary concern is to save all the “places” geographic co-ordinates .

Thank you for your time to reply


Ok, I understand you are recovering your files; in that case make an archived copy of your Gramps user directory

/HOME/ ***<username>*** /.gramps

as a backup and then unarchive it in the same location on the new Laptop.

If possibly make sure the version of Gramps on the new Laptop is identical or newer.

The locations are stored in the Gramps family tree database.

The worrisome Places will migrate with the database.

However, the Media objects are another animal. I don’t use the Media so can’t help there.

I was considering suggesting mounting the original drive, resolving the paths & making a backup with media. Then removing the extra drive and restoring the backup. But would that work? Or would the restore demand the 2nd drive be there again?

The only thing you will use the old version of Gramps is to create the most recent backup.

All of the movement of files is done using your OS file manager. Copy the files using a thumb drive or an external hard drive. Both are good for externally saving backups for when things go awry. Safe computing practices.