How to access my tree from a new laptop?

I am sorry but I don’t remember, or don’t know how to tell which Gramps version I am on. I just downloaded Gramps in September, 2020 and began my family tree. Then I had to pause until now. I am still very new at this. I am on a Windows 10 operating system.

I now have a different laptop than I did when I first created my family tree. How do I get to my Gramps family tree from my new laptop? (I still have the original laptop, which is also Windows 10, but I need to use the new laptop now).

Thank you!

The recommended way would be to make a backup on the old computer and then restore the backup on the new one see:

Good luck.

[incorrect] Note that media files over 1MB are not stored IN the Gramps backup… Gramps just has paths for each fille anyway. Restoring a backup moved to the new machine does not move the media files.

Using the XML backup to move to a new installation is preferred because it eliminates the database engine & format from having any effect.

Also, if your old Windoze box was 32-bit, make sure you install the 64-bit download of Gramps on the new box. It allows more memory to be directly accessible.

You need to choose to Include the Media: . in the backup

Yes. But that feature says it is limited to files under 1MB

I’m looking at my backup with 3 GB of files in it so no it does not!

Where did you get that idea exactly!

Had a look at the code and can confirm no such weird restriction occurs.

Thanks for the correction. Was reading the dialog as fixed text instead of a calculation. (It has always been the same on mine & in the example.gramps test file.)

The export dialog (which calculates the number of people) has a distinct indicator that is it not a static text label. The backup dialog lacks such an indicator.

Thank you very much! I will try that.

Thank you all! I got it!


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