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I’d be really grateful if someone can help me. I have done lots of work on my family tree, dating all the way back to 1500, but have not worked on it since 2015. Now the program won’t open on my mac. I think it’s version 3.something but I don’t know because I can’t open it! The file types are *.gpkg and *.gv. I downloaded the latest version on my PC and it won’t recognise those files. I tried downloading an older version (3.4.9) and when I click ‘import’ nothing happens. I tried changing the *.gpkg files to *.csv files with an online converter, but it says there’s no place data in them so it won’t convert them. I’m baffled. Can anyone help me get back all that work I did?

Some progress; I have downloaded the newest version on the mac and managed to import my tree, so nothing has been lost, yay! But I’m still having no luck getting anything to open on my PC.

The best way to move data from one computer to another is to make a
backup file (extension gpkg if you include media, gramps if you don’t)
on the old computer. Then create a new empty tree on the new computer
and import the backup file. If you don’t include the media in the
backup, you will have to transfer those files separately and set paths
to work. Even if you do include the media, you may want to move them
after the import and change paths.

Allen Crider

.gpkg files are just compressed ‘Gramps packages’.

You can double-check or decompress them with the 7zip archiving tool. (Which is a good tool to have installed on your new PC anyway.)

I like to decompress the archive to verify that the Media files were included & to place them in the filepath I prefer…

Then once you import the decompressed .gramps Tree file, you can set the Media path in Preferences to point to that new location.

You can use the Media Verify tool and MediaMerge addon to clean up your media collection. (Merge duplicate, set relative paths, etc.)

thank you so much! extracting the gpkg and importing the *.gramps file that was inside it has worked. Brilliant! :smiley:

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