Patronymic and Matronymic name

I have questions following the bug report 12364:

1 - Is a patronymic/Matronymic name a surname or given name ?
For gramps this name is stored in the surname field.

2 - When we use filtering for report creation, if we use " Given names replaced, and data removed",
is the following snapshot correct ? Living surname is a patronymic/matronymic surname.

For my cases, Belgium, 16th & 17th century, patronymics seem to be more used as a second given name rather than a surname. For Russian patronymics, I’m not qualified to answer, but they look like they’re not considered part of the surname [please correct me if I’m mistaken]. I’ve chosen the following name format in preferences: “Primary[sur] Primary[con] Notpatronymic, Given Patronymic[sur] Suffix Primary[pre]”, since this seems to best match my requirements. So “$Surname”, [Living given name] [Living patronymic/matronymic] was what I was expecting here as well, rather than "$Surname [Living surname], [Living given name]. To me, it would also make sense that if the father is deceased, that you can then show the patronymic, since their full name will already be shown, and the patronymic can be fully derived from the father’s name. Likewise for the mother + matronymic.

After looking on the web, we have the following urls and certainly others:

I think gramps use the correct way to add them to the surname.
But I may be wrong.

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Will link the above references into the Wiki’s Genealogy Glossary at:

An observation of what Gramps is currently doing.

A person with a single surname with the origin set Patronymic and with the Group As override set gets grouped as if they have no surname information.

FYI: my Name display is Given Surname, Suffix

FYI: The [Missing Surname] is the result of the Bug 0012333 and the corresponding Pull Request 1269.

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Yes I saw that. Can you create a bug report ?

Bug filed

Fix is being rolled into version 5.1.5 of Gramps