Display Name Editor - Patronymic/Matronymic separation

Ahoj dear devs, translators and all the other blessed volk of Gramps,
first of all - thanks for this great program,
because of the interest to research, I found a lot of relatives and even first time in my life seen ma grandparents - even if just on photos. …
Now to the idea/feature request I would like to have realized in Gramps.
I would really like to modify the output of the names - so the format, that can to be done in “Display Name Editor”.

I would like to export names in following format:

‘Call, Nickname, Familynick’, Title Primary[pre] Primary[sur], Given MatronymicWithConnectorAndPrefix PatronymicWithoutMatr Suffix (NotPatronymic)

Title: Dr.
Nick: Sid
Callname: Sidor
Given Name: Isidor
Suffix: st. (starshy = the elder / senior, alternative is “.I”)
Patronymikon: Pavlov
Matronymikon: Nadin
Matronymikon-connector: syn (Slavic old lose variant of -søn, can be used as Prefix to the Surname, female version is doczerj = -dochter)
Surname-prefix: von (old, slight different variant of the -ov suffix’s in Russian “ѵонъ”)
Surname: Korczak
Familynick: Korcz (wherever this is able to be added, I did not figured it out for now)
Taken: Schmiedt (for female version illustration here)

In sum this have to result in:
’Sid, Sidor, Korcz’, Dr. von Korczák, Isidor Nádin syn Pávlov st. (Schmiedt)
or in native
’Сидъ, Сидоръ, Корчъ’, Dr. ванъ Корчакъ, Исидоръ Надинъ сынъ Павловъ ст. (Шмидтъ)

So actually I would like to split patronymic and matronymic in seperate.
Btw. how to add a familynick?

There is a Name Editor with more fields one being the Family Nick Name.

Name Editor

An FYI: This field is a part of the Surname and will automatically be added to a child when adding a child of the father. It is NOT a nickname of an individual that was only used within a family where a regular Nick Name would be a colloquial first name. I found this out the hard way and had to adjust many records to reflect this change in understanding the field’s use.

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There is a lot going on with that person’s name.

You use the term “export” but what I think you are actually referring to is “display”.

As you have figured out, there are many fields available to organize the components of a name. The Name Editor should help create the components of having multiple surnames and the various connectors. You can add multiple Surnames each having a Prefix and a Connector to the next Surname in the list. So you can set the Patronymic surname and the Matronymic surname. (or patrilineal/matrilineal).

The Name Display Editor should be able to take the many components of the name to bring them together into the acceptable format. There is no detailed help page for this but as you add the field components to the name editor, it will show what will be displayed.

Note: You can select a display option (after creating one) that will be the default display and sort for all records. But in the Name Editor, on an individual record basis, the default display and sort can be set to override the default setting.

I hope this helps.

True words - but what I am asking for is to separate the tag “Patronymic” inside the “Name Display Editor” from showing both the patronymic as well as the matronymic into two different tags.
I would like to display first the matronymic and than the patronymic, while the current tag patronymic shows the opposite without having the choice for the user.

I Edited the post adding information about multiple surnames. But from your information I created this.

Note: The Call Name is designed to be one of the Given Names. Since your example needs two names other than the given, you CAN enter whatever you want in the Call field. Gramps will display it in red as not following the “rules” but you can enter whatever you desire.

You also have the Taken name. Obviously this is not a field. I will often create a second Name entry with the Type “Also Known As” or you can use Taken to account for this information. Or you can put the Taken given name in the Call Name field and make the Nick Name “Sid, Sidor”

I hope this is a better explanation. And if I diid not get everything right, this at least shows what is possible.

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
Thats why it was always red while adding about 400 people.

And before you enter the next 400 people, you might want to consider some other issues regarding names.

The above example has the Title “Dr.” But at the time of her birth she did not have this Title. It was not until her adult life when was able to claim the honor.

The Name record has the Type “Birth Name”.

After moving my database from another program into Gramps, I now had the ability to give a person multiple Name records. The “Birth Name” I reserve for just that. If they take on a Title they get a new name record reflecting that new information.

The Suffixes Sr/Jr are used in western cultures (which may not be applicable in eastern cultures) so while a son may have the Birth Name “Jr”, his father was not born “Sr”.

The same is true for Married Names.

Or they take on an “Also Known As” name that is substantially different than a Birth Name.

So I will give a person multiple names. There is a date field to indicate these changes as well as Citations and Notes available when documentation is necessary. The only major decision is which Name entry gets slotted in the Preferred name slot. Most often I leave it as the Birth Name but I will drag-n-drop another entry into the preferred, main display name position.

As I said, something to consider and not something you have to do. But easier to do on 400 records than the more than 150,000 I did after migrating to Gramps.

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This is what I am asking for.


This is how I set up the Name entry.

and for the Display Name Editor I created this option.

"Call, Nickname, Familynick", Title Surname Given Suffix

which gives this results.

The confusion was you were trying to create the Surname by parsing it out to its various components. The Surname (Nachname) takes all of the components together.

Note: Gramps will add or delete double-quotations ( " ) as needed but not the single quotation ( ' ).

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:thinking: :open_mouth: :thinking:

But this only works for male names, not for female.
If you also want to add the birth-name to the end “… + (BirthSurname)” this would add all the names again, doesn’t it?

Edit: yes, there would be the entry of different namens as “birthname” & “name after marriage”, but this would fully ignore the old, women’s name.
e.g. wish display for females;

“Maria, Mary, Korcz”, Dr. von Korczák, Annemaria Nádina doczerj Pávlova ml. (Müller)

Müller beeing the birth-surname and von Korczák the marriage-one’s.

Thanks to you I found out that the display order of the Pat/Matronymics depends on its order in the Name Editor, this solves the issue with the order.

So currently my setup of 'Call, Nickname, Familynick', Title Primary, Given Patronymic Suffix (NotPatronymic) works barely perfect. The one and only issue is that Patronym shows only one of them, not all. Using instead Rest will display surnames as well, what is my intension.

I think, this may be interesting not because of my case, also for Arabic names this would be interesting, to display the hell of all ma-/patronymics - even if just for interests reason.

Surnames will display all the surnames in the list with prefixes and connectors and will display them in the order set.

One field you may want to explore is the Rawsurnames option.

To run a test, just use one option at a time to see what will display based upon your actual data

  • Surname
  • Rest
  • Notpatronymic
  • Rawsurnames
  • Primary }
  • Patronymic } with their various addons; [pre], [sur], [con]

It is hard for me to do as my names are fairly straightforward and do not have multiple surnames.

  • Surname does not work, because it displays all surnames, without differentiation between patronymics or familynames
  • Rest does display everything, without any customization options
  • Notpatronymic is great for displaying the birth-familyname of women after marriage
  • Rawsurnames is not useful for my case
  • Primary is good for displaying the primary surname, without any extras
  • Patronymic on itself only display one entry, whether the matronym or the patronym (depending on, what is listed first), this is a limitation i want to pass by
  • [pre], [sur] and [con] is good for customization, although not making any steps into the display format i would like to realize