Plural-language information input

I am Russian-language citizen of Estonia. Many Russians live there. And some Russian names have different writing with Latin/English/Estonian alphabet. For example Михаил =Mihhail/Mikhail, Мария=Maria/Marija. After that persons with the same Russian names have different names in Estonian documents.Will be great, if in Gramps function to write names(and may be addresses) in different languages to now how name writing in documents in foreign languages.
P.S. Sorry for my English


A person can have more than one Name record. In the Person’s edit window, select the Names tab and you can add additional names using the Name Editor. This should allow you to add the spellings for the different alphabets. You can add your own name Type by just typing in your desired “Type” i.e. “Russian” or " Cyrillic".

You can drag-n-drop any name from the Alternative list into the Preferred name slot.

The different names for places can also be done using the Alternate names. You can place the language code (et for Estonian) for each language option and if you use the Translation options, the proper place name will be selected. Even if you do not use the translations, the various spellings will display in reports like the Narrative Web.

NOTE: Remember to set the language settings for the main place Name. There is a button at the end of the Name field, and before the Type field, that will invoke the same editor for this entry that you get when adding an alternative place name.

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Thank you very much. I am a new user of gramps and didnt know, that this function alredy exist

When reading the request and reviewing the Names in Gramps wikipage, I thought it was about a language flag to bolster the Alternate names surname ‘origin’ feature.

And for record keeping, that sounds like good thing.

But then I started wondering how it could be used in reports & the GUI. Would the report sub in the matching Language name in preference over the Primary Name … if one exists.

I’m growing annoyed at some of the online maps services beginning to label places in their native language & glyphs. I can’t even (badly) sound out something labeled in cyrillic or kanji!

Now recently, Gramps started labeling showing Deutschland instead of Germany in the interface. (Probably due to having used some tools harmonize many Places to use GeoNames standard IDs too.) So I have to go back and figure if I now have to explicitly set my language. [The GeoNames sync hadn’t put a ‘de’ language code on one of the 3 Alternative names it had added. As soon as I added the foreign language code, Gramps went back to showing the primary Place name.]

The wikipage on Gramps in another language is still mostly a draft. There a subheader for “Setting the default language”. Unfortunately, the text has never been added.

As I set up my place hierarchy, I try to use the native place name with the English as an alternate. I do not use the cyrillic or kanji as primary display name but use the most common latin with the curillic/kanji as an alternate along with the English.

I wasn’t speaking of Gramps maps in that instance.

Recently I was trying to match up a piece of coastline from an old unlabeled map … comparing it to Google Maps app. But all the labels on the Google Maps were localized to region represented. (I could not even sound out the place names written in another alphabet.) Rather than bother to discover how to force Google Maps to use my language, I just switched to another mapping app.

You should try QGIS Desktop or SAGA for that… using i.e. openstreetmap or some of the other providers it support.

Then if you want to, you can actually go on geotag your raster image of the map, just by applying some known reference points.
then you can export to the format Gramps use for it’s maps and import them to gramps…
(if you want to of course).

Thanks! You have a huge toolchest!