Two Surnames (father's and mother's)

Hi all, I’ve just installed the last stable version fior Windows and I’m experimenting a little bit with the program, and first of all I’d like to thank everybody involved on the devolopment of this project. Great job!

In Spain we use two family names: the father’s family name and the mother’s family name. What is the best way of using / configuriong the databe to manage this use case? I’ve searched the docs and the forum, without founding any clear answer, so any guidance / tip is more than welcome.



When adding a person, you see the basic name fields in the Person Editor. At the end of the Origin field will be a plus sign [ + }. This will add space for you to add additional surnames.

The edit icon at the end of the Suffix field, and under the Names tab will bring up an advanced Name Editor. This allows more control over each name record.

Under the Names tab, a person can have more than one name record. You the user can decide which of these name records will be slotted into the Preferred Name slot (right-click on the desired name). The preferred name is what will display in reports, etc.

With Surname guessing, adding a child the father’s surname will automatically be given to the child. Adding a single new child to a family it will be fairly easy to make the changes to the child’s matrilineal name. But adding the nine children to the same family may get tedious. A hint, temporarily make the father’s name appear like what the children’s name will be, add the children, then fix the father’s name.

Hint two, names can be dragged from the Names tab list to the clipboard and from the clipboard into the Names tab.

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Thanks a lot for your detailed response, the plus sign works great and the tips are really useful.

Next step: reading the manual :slight_smile:

Have you experimented with the naming convention options in the Display tab of Preferences?

  • Consider single pa/matronymic as surname (an extension for Searching)
  • Surname guessing : Combination of mother’s and father’s surname

The default of Surname guessing is “Father’s surname” (aka: Patrilineal origin). The corresponding origins for the other options are:

  • “Combination of mother’s and father’s surname” : Matrilineal Patrilineal
  • “Icelandic style” (which is gender influenced) : Matronymic/Patronymic

It seems as though Origin guessing could be integrated into Surname guessing.