Same Sex Couples

Hello, I’m very new here! Is there a way to change Father and Mother to two Mothers, two Fathers, etc.


Gramps will accept any individuals in the two parent slots. You will notice that the terms are Father/Partner1 and Mother/Partner2. So Male/Female, Male/Male, or Female/Female individuals can be added to the family.

When you print out reports, Gramps looks at the genders of the two individuals and will use the appropriate terminologies.

My major decision, especially for my female same-sex marriages, is which parent do I put my female relative; Partner 1 or 2?

If you’re asking about how to change the genders to support the data, that’s easy…

See this ”How to create a homosexual/gay family" thread.

If you’re asking about how to change the labels throughout the interface to eliminate gender bias, you probably COULD do that with a customization of the PO language files with Weblate… but it’d be a lot of effort.

I don’t think anyone has had enough motivation to do that work.