How to create a homosexual/gay family

How can I create a family of two men (or women)? In my specific case, I cannot choose the “mother” since its gender is male, too.
I use gramps 5.2.1 on Arch Linux 5.8.14.
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If you add a new person from the Family edit window, the gender for the new person will default to either male or female. But you can easily change this to make the new person for the Father/Partner1 slot.female or Mother/Partner2 slot.male.

If you are selecting the “Mother” or “Father” for the Family, the list shown will be filtered by gender. But in the “Select Father/Mother” window, there will be a “Show All” check box. This will allow you to select a male for the Mother/Partner2 slot.

Or if the person is already in People List, you can copy the person to the Clipboard and then drag-n-drop the person into the Mother/Partner2 slot.

I also created a Tag “Same Sex Couple” and made the color red. This way when viewing the Family list, the couple will be red in the list and I will know that for that couple the genders/names are okay outside what is normally expected.

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