Changing Default Gender

Runing GrampsAIO64-5.1.2-1 on Windows 10.

I have somehow managed to get the system to default to “Female” when I enter “Private” as a christen name. How can I change this “default” to “Unknown”. I know I can change the person’s gender to Unknown but would like to change the default as well.

Gender guessing is a simple statistical function of Given name.

You must have more people with their given name defined as ‘Private’ where the gender of ‘female’ has been selected.

You don’t need to use aliases for the Given name.

If you set the ‘Private given name:’ in the Text tab of Preferences to ‘PRIVATE’ then reports will redact the Given Name if the Padlock icon is toggled to Private in the Name Editor on Reports. (Or if you use the ‘Living’ option.) This is different than the Private toggle (padlock icon) in the Person Editor. If the Entire Person is toggle to Private, then that Person is entirely ommitted from the Reports. (Privacy can be override for Reports & Exports.)

Note that Privacy only affect output (Reports & Exports) of Gramps. Privacy is shown as a padlock but otherwise ignored in the Views.

If you really using the exact word “Private” as a persons name it could very well be that based on past usage and gender that you set, Gramps is using autosuggestion to guess for you this is set by the “Surname Guessing” option change it to None and see if that helps?

  • Surname Guessing: This option affects the initial family name of a child when he/she is added to the database. The default Father’s surname will use the family name of the father. Selecting None means that no surname guessing will be attempted. Selecting Combination of mother’s and father’s surname will use the father’s name followed by the mother’s name. Finally, Icelandic style will use the father’s given name followed by the “sson” suffix (e.g. the son of Edwin will be guessed as Edwin sson ).

Tango-Dialog-information.png\ 64x64 Tip

The Surname Guessing: option only affects the initial family name guessed by Gramps when the Edit Person dialog is launched. You can modify that name the way you see fit. Set this option to the value that you will most frequently use, as it will save you a lot of typing.

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