Additional Gender Options

I would like to suggest adding a custom gender entry option. Not everyone is male or female and it would be useful. It could be like the “unknown” entry but without throwing a prompt that asks you to pick another option, and lets you just enter any text you like as the label. Preset Nonbinary, Intersex, and Other options would be good as well. The custom entries could be flagged as both male and female for the purposes of creating a “family” in the tree. Additionally, it would be good if instead of opting between the binary options when creating a family (male or all, female or all) there was a little dropdown menu where you could filter for individual gender options, for example male, female, nonbinary, intersex, other, custom, or all.
Suggestions for symbols, if needed: ⚦ (combined) ⚥ (combined 2) :transgender_symbol: (transgender) ☿ (mercury; intersex)
Suggestions for alternate colors: Purple, yellow, green
Version 5.1.5 OS Win10
Sorry if this is done incorrectly, I’m new here. As far as I can tell this feature doesn’t exist but it has been requested before.

Yes Gramps should have a new field e.g. other in the gender drop-down menu to distinguish from unknown:

  • The option unknown is for people where a researcher does not know the gender, because information is missing.
  • The option other is for people where the gender does not fit to male/female.

At the moment I’d add e.g. a intersex person to my database by using the unknown option for the gender and use person attributes, so I can filter for them easily e.g. gender = other and gender_description = Intersex.

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“Other” as a fourth option is a good starting point, to have something to label people other than unknown, but really ideal would be the ability to create new gender options and save them as like setting customization or being able to custom label people at all.