Name Prefix not clearing

After adding a name prefix to a person, when I add children to that person, the prefix remains from the father. I have to manually delete it. Anyone else having this problem? I’m using 5.1.4 on a manjaro KDE machine.

If the Prefix is set in the father, it will automatically carry over when Surname Guessing is set in Preferences. The prefix is considered a part of the father’s surname…

There is always the transition individuals where the “de”, “von”, etc prefix is either dropped or more fully integrated into the surname proper. So for the next generation there needs to be more editing of names.

One of the things I do is create an “Also Known As” name for the father without the prefix and place it in the Preferred name position so it does not carry over to children. Then it is a question of which name to leave as Preferred for the father, the name they were born with or the name they died with; the “AKA” name…

That’s what is supposed to happen.

Perhaps you are confusing how Gramps defines Title (Sir, Dr., Sgt., Prof., etc.) and Prefix (“de la”, “St.”, “van der”, etc.)

Some references (outside of Gramps) call the ‘Prefix’ a ‘preposition’. And then call the Title a ‘prefix’. [Ran across a concise article describing “prefix (honorific) or suffix (post-nominal)”. That’s still at odds with the Gramps usage of prefix … but the other terms are useful ]

That was the problem, my old eyes missed the title line. Thank you.

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