Automatically re-use given name for any other names

The gramplet “Statistics” in my family tree shows 62 incomplete names. It seems to me that it is necessary to specify a given name when adding a name after marriage, although the given name wouldn’t normally change.

Is this the case?

Are there any obstructions on changing this so Gramps would automatically assume the existing given name to be the same for the name after marriage?


There is a Surname guessing feature (with options) for auto-inserting a Surname… but not for a Given Name.

I have created a feature request for this:

You ought to give an example in your bug report. It doesn’t make sense in my culture. Is this something specific to your culture?

In the US, it is increadingly unusual for the given name (first & middle) to repeat in the next generation. Generally, such Junior/Senior ‘namesakes’ only are given with the 1st child of the same gender as their eponymous parent.

So… John Smith and Mary (nee Jones) Smith might have 5 children: Susan Smith, John Smith Jr., Larry Smith, Elizabeth Smith, & Franklin Smith. Thus only 1 of 5 children inherit the given name.

(My immediate family is unusual. Mom was unhappily a namesake of her mother. She had to go by her middle name to avoid confusion. That caused arguments with petty bureacrats her whole life. One brother was a junior of Dad & my other brother was named for our grandfathers. And my nephew was named for my brother-in-law.)

On the other hand, the surname (last name or patrilineal family name) is almost always inherited.

Well, it’s not about the next generation, but about the name after marriage.


  • Birth name would be Jane Test
  • She marries John Doe so I add the “Name after marriage”: Doe

Now, I must also specify “Jane” as her given name for the last name Doe, which is redundant. I would expect Gramps to automatically assume “Jane” for that if it’s left empty.

Oooh… you’re talking about Alternate Names. That was not explicitly stated in your filed request.

I do married names a little differently too. I just expand the birth name to Multiple Names by adding the married surname on the next row as a Taken name type.

I hate (HATE) that most Genealogy programs list only the maiden name. It makes no sense when most women spend 3 to 4 times the number of years with their husband’s name than their father’s.

Personaly, a Women must keep it’s birth name
If she divorce, she return to her birth name.
When she die, her birth name is used.

In france, the birth name is always used :
ie: Jeanne X (husband name) née Y (birth name)

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