How do I change the name to: [marriage surname], [given] [birth surname] in the Charts?

I am using Windows 10 64bit Version 4.3.2.
I want that first are the marriage surnames then the given and then the birth surname, how do i do that?
I searched for it but i found nothing that differentiates between marriage surname and the birth surname.
Thank you in advance!


A person can have more than one name record. So you can have a Birth Name type (the default type) and a Married Name. See the Names tab in the person’s edit window to add names with the Names editor.

To have both the Maiden and Married surnames there are several ways to do it.

  1. Add the maiden to the women’s given name field with the Married surname in the surname field. In many cultures this is the standard way where the married women’s Maiden name becomes the middle name. You can put the maiden name in parenthesis as a possibility.
    [above edited. originally had the maiden and middle names switched. Now correct]

  2. You can also give the women two surnames.

  • The two surnames is easy to do. Using the Name editor in the Family Names box, add the second name making one of the names Primary (for sorts, etc).

  • With this option, you will want to alter the way the name is displayed. Again in the Name editor, you can override both the default name display that you set in Preferences. You will need to set up this option in the display name in Preferences so that the option is available for the override in the name editor.

  • The Name display you will need to create will be: Primary, Given Rest This assumes the Married surname is the Primary surname and the maiden is the second surname (the rest). In the display name editor you can also add the parenthesis (or not).

  • Then in the name editor, change the display from the default to this new display name. You can do the same for the sort name if needed.

Now the person has two names. You can drag-n-drop this new married name into the Preferred name slot so that this will become the name to be displayed.

PS: The 4.2 version is getting old and no longer supported (fixing bugs etc). You may want to upgrade to 5.1.3. But before you do Backup your database (which you should be doing) With version 5, Gramps can automatically make those backups.

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