Marriage end by death of a partner

Gramps Windows 10

I noticed after importing a gedcom that when one of a couple dies, the marriage does not seem to end.
The next marriage gets the same family number. After a divorce event the next marriage gets a higher number.

So I looked how to add an event of type “widowed” as I saw mentioned somewhere, but I cannot find it.

What do I have to do to mark a marriage as ended by the death of a partner?
Thanks for the answer.

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There is no need to mark the end of a marriage manually when a partner died. The partners death event is the indication.

Do you mean that a person has two partners/families (=one family for each partner) and both families have the same family id?

Red arrows are the 3 marriages.
First, with wubke, ends with divorce (echtscheiding)
second end because johanna dies.

The family numbering looks strange, once a 2 and 2 times a 1.

That number is not an index of the Family. It is a count of the “Family” Events under that marriage. Note: this is not limited to Events having the “Family” event role.

So if you (use arrowhead gadget at the left to) collapse the “Genzin - 2” [Family - 2] in the Person Editor, you still know there are 2 Events data to explore.


These numbers simply refer to the number of events for that family record. The same happens for the events for a person.

When you posted “family numbering” we thought the Family’s Gramps ID number which must be unique for each family.

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You can add custom Types to any drop-down list by simply typing it in. An event type “Widowed” could become unwieldy as the person remarries. But as always, there is no one way of doing things within Gramps. Each user works their database that best suits their needs.

Note: any custom type will not translate if that feature is important to you.

Thanks everyone for the answers.
Now I know what to do.