Message in category Families: Wedding date missing HowTo simplify data adding

In the “What’s next” section, I found a few messages that the marriage data for some families were still missing. This data were already available, but so far only for the persons concerned. I had to add the date and place in the “Families” category under “Marriage” again.

My idea for optimization:
I want to avoid duplication of work for a single event and automatically transfer the data to other categories. For example, if I first add a new family and add the marriage data, then this data should also automatically appear for both married persons.
The same applies vice versa: if I enter a marriage date for one or both persons and add the family of them, the data should also automatically appear in the family.

The same applies to divorce and other comparable cases that I can’t think of right now.

I also found a question about this topic here.

Marriages, Divorces, etc are Family events. Gramps uses these events for reports and as you found out tools like What’s Next.

For the two people married, this is the only event that they need to establish their marriage. In their event lists displayed in their Person edit window, the marriage Family events display below their personal events. Likewise, personal events for both in the family display below the couple’s family events.

Some users share a person’s marriage event with the person’s personal event list. I do not. I feel it is a duplication of efforts. If you feel the need to share a family event with the family participants, it is a manual operation.

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Do I understand you correctly: only one entry is required in the family category, and not additionally for the two persons involved?

Yes! Correct!

You would need to share with Officiant, witnesses, bride-maids, best-man, etc it this is your practice.