How to enter a marriage-date?


I am a new (Dutch) starter with Grams 5.1 on windows.
It works great, but I have no idea how to add a date to an existing mariage.
I have added the date in the events of both spouses, but its not visible in the charts-screen or in the list of relationships.

Hope someone can help me.


Add the Marriage Event to the Relationship rather than to individuals within the Relationship.

To open the Family Editor:

  1. click the Edit button on the Family line in the Relationships category view; or,
  2. double-click the Family line in the Person Editor; or,
  3. double-click the Row of that Family in the Families category view.

Alternately, if you share that existing Marriage Event (by dragging the Marriage Event you had previously created under the Bride or Groom … or by using the clipboard or selecting from the Event Section dialog), the Role (originally ‘Primary’) will change to ‘Unknown’. Change that Role to ‘Family’ so that the reports will find it correctly.

I have exactly the same question.
Sorry to be so dense, but I can’t get that to work for me.
Could you please explain again in different words so I can try again to understand?

Let’s assume you’re using the example.gramps sample tree.

And you look at the Person Editor for Lewis Garner von Zelinski:

You’ll notice that he has 3 events under the “Personal”. But the Marriage event is the 1 event under the “Family”.

Double-click the Family and the Family Editor appears. Normally, the “Children” tab is selected. Instead, choose the Events tab and add a marriage. (Note that tabs that HAVE records have an Icon by the title. That’s in contrast to some other GUIs italicize or dim titles WITHOUT records.)

When you add a new event in the Relationship Editor, by default the 1st Event added will be a “Marriage” type with a “Family” role. (The 2nd will be a “Divorce” type.)

As you edit an Event, the top “Reference information” section is often overlooked since Role defaults generally work well and can be ignored. The ‘Birth’ event (screen capture inserted below) has the appropriate “Primary” role set.

But if you share (or drag’n’drop) an Event, then the Role is ambiguous and the"Unknown" role must be set manually.

One last tweak I recommend is… change the Default family relationship type in Preferences Display tab. I set mine from Unknown to Married. That is what MOST of my added Relationships will be.

In the Family editor, one of the tabs are for the events that define that family. Marriage, Divorce, Annulment, etc…

From @JohnD 's initial post, for the marriage information to be recognized by Gramps, these events must be entered here with the event role “Family”.

Now we get into the idea of sharing events. You can take this event and copy (drag-n-drop) these events into the person records. Copy the event to the clipboard and drag it into a person’s record and enter their role for the event. Bride, Groom, Best Man, Maid of Honor, Witness, Officiant, Flower Girl, etc…You can also share these events by selecting the event from the selector.

You do not have to share the event. I do not. But what @emyoulation was describing was taking the event from one of the participants and sharing into the Family tab where Gramps needs to find it. So long as these Family events are in the Family Event tab, Gramps is happy. Sharing the events with individual participants is a user’s choice with how they handle the data they find.

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Are the Reports happy if the Role of the shared Event becomes Unknown instead of Family?

I haven’t tested all the places that Gramps evaluates a Marriage/Divorce event. I am absolutely sure the Role has to be reset on shared personal Events (like birth, death) before the interface interprets them correctly.

No. The role has to be ‘Family’ just like on a Person event the role ‘Primary’ is needed for the primary person’s event role.

But I thought I had already made that point.

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It was just that the last paragraph seemed to omit it from a “bottom line” restatement about sharing.

Since the ‘Unknown’ Role seems to bite everyone doing Event sharing, it seems vital to mention it in every summary.

I actually had the line to try to make the point that Marriage (and Divorce etc) events only Need to be in the Family Event tab for Gramps to be happy and know what to do. Any sharing of the event is for the user’s benefit, not for Gramps’.

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To both DaveSch and emyoulation:
A big thank-you! I couldn’t have figured that out myself.
I have now got marriage dates appearing on my chart.


Many thanks.
My problem is solved.



I don’t mean to hijack this thread, but I guess my question could help OP, too.
Would it make more sense to add a residence event to a family or to the members of that family?

Children will leave the parent’s house some day (hopefully ;-)), so they would have a different time span for that residence. On the other hand, there would be the benefit of not having to add multiple residence events to all members of the family.

Maybe there is another way that I don’t know, yet.

I suspect that I’m in the minority but…

I consider events in the family to be a reflection of the legal fiction of couverture. In this legal fiction, the Bride & Groom are inseparable aspects of a single person. Thus, Family Events apply equally to these 2 persons and to no others.

Upon divorce or widowhood, I stop adding Census, Residence & Property events to the Family and add them to individuals.

I also chose to create a ‘Dependant’ Role type for children & aged relatives in Census Events

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