M1 Mac compatibility


My mother in law is a heavy GRAMPS user. She is considering upgrading her MacBook to one of the new models with an M1 processor. I haven’t been able to find anything about GRAMPS being able to run on M1.

Can anyone tell me if GRAMPS works on M1 macs?


The maintainer of the Mac package reports:

“As for Apple Silicon, Gramps 5.1.3 runs fine in Big Sur using Rosetta2. I had to return the Developer’s Transition Kit a couple of months ago; at that point there were a couple of dependencies that use assembly and had not yet been ported to Apple Silicon so I wasn’t able to build a Gtk stack. I was holding out for the much-rumored “pro” Apple Silicon, but WWDC passed with no hardware announcement so I just ordered an M1 mini because the MBP I’ve been using the last several years for macOS Developer’s Betas is too old for Monterey. That won’t allow enough time to do more than check that the Intel build runs OK with Rosetta2 (though I have no reason to expect that it won’t). There are now enough M1s floating around that I hope that the assembly bits have been written and I can build a Gtk stack.”

So the answer is currently “yes, but not natively”. However, she can expect a performance boost in the near future.

Magic, thanks @emyoulation :+1:

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I suggest that you monitor Bug 12340 too.

That way, if there is a patch issued, you’ll be able to install it without waiting for the next bug fix release.
[Patch rolled into 5.1.4]

Works fine on my Mac mini M1 here. I downloaded the dmg and it installed ok (MacOS automatically installed Rosetta to run it).

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Time to revisit this subject. Had a question on Element/Matrix/Riot) about running natively with the new 5.1.5 version released today.

Discovered that Silicon native compatibility was being reported for Gtk installed via Homebrew. But it did not say which version. (So who knows if it is the same one testing with the macOS Intel port.)

So, does that mean all the roadblocks are gone for running Gramps natively on Silicon instead of falling back to Rosetta?

MacPorts has GTK 3.24.31 which is apparently building and running on Apple silicone-based macs under both macOS 11.x and 12.x.


I’m still plodding along with an Intel Mac so I don’t have any personal experience.


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Could you use the Prerequisites Checker on your Intel Mac to see which Gtk version that already uses?

Maybe that will be a hint how big a job it might be to port the rest of the way.

I’m not using the downloaded installer from the Gramps project. I have gtk3 3.24.31 via MacPorts.

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