Gramps installation on macOS Monterey on M1 iMac

Trying to install Gramps 5.1.5 using MacPorts package manager. Instructions had me install Xcode then OS X 10.9 or latter. I would like to correspond with others with Macs.

Why use MacPorts when there is a dmg file? I have a M1 machine and used

This worked easily.


Thanks, worked as you stated.

Hi: I contribute a bit to MacPorts. I can’t tell from your problem description exactly what tripped you up. If we can figure that out, perhaps we can help someone avoid the problem in the future.


I abandoned the alternative MacPorts installation. I used the Gramps-Intel-5.1.5-5.dmg, which was easy. I did not do that in the beginning because I thought that was for Intel Macs only.


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