Mac upgrade considerations?

I’m currently running Gramps under Mac 10.14.6 (Mojave) on a “late 2014” model Mac mini, and I’m considering upgrading to Monterrey.

I understand from previous posts that there is/was an updated version of the 5.1.4 installer, as well as a new one for 5.1.5, and that everything seems to be fine.

My questions for the Mac+Gramps community are whether there are any considerations I should be aware of (besides backing up first, of course), and whether anyone is using hardware as old as mine (1.4GHz processor, 8GB memory).

Thanks much.

I have a 21 inch iMac about the same age (late 2013) and am running Mojave. I found that when I updated to Mojave, things slowed down in general. I decided after that upgrade not to update further. I don’t know if Monterey would even work on it.

Recently, I got a new macbook (Apple Silicon). I run gramps 5.1.4 on both and see the new system is faster, but the old system works well enough.

You should check compatibility at Macs By Maximum Supported Version of macOS/Mac OS X:

Personally, unless there was a driving reason that I had to update the old (10.x) system to 11.x, I am not sure I would - what is the advantage given there will be more OS bloat.

Have you read:

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Thanks @GaryGriffin. I declined upgrading to Catalina and Big Sur for the same reason (no compelling new features, just more bloat), but if Mojave is no longer supported then I thought I’d better upgrade sometime. And from the link you provided, it appears that Monterrey will be the last possible upgrade for my mini. Since Gramps is the main non-Apple app that I use on it, I just wanted to make sure there were no issues.

There’s another reason I was thinking about it, but I’ll start a new thread for that discussion because it’s really a different topic.

Thanks @emyoulation. Yes, I had seen that and posts which made me think it’s safe to upgrade, just wanted to make sure.

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