LaTex driven graphic reports - unexpected behaviour

I thought that printing a graphic of a lady’s three marriages would be simple and straight forward, but it proved not to be the case. The same behaviour is seen in the Descendant and both Sandbox tree reports.
Selecting the lady in question and specifying 1 generation yields her first marriage only, not the three expected.
Selecting 2 generations yields all three of her marriages, but only the marriage of the child from the first marriage & grandchildren
Selecting 3 generations yields all three marriages and all grand children from the first/only marriages of her children. However, only the marriages of the grandchildren from the first marriage are reported. Subsequent marriages of her other child are not reported.

Is this the expected behaviour as it does not jive with my understanding of ‘generations’?

On the plus side the truncated layout of the graphs and page size issues appear to have been resolved.

GRAMPS 5.1.4 / W10

I just tried the Sandclock Tree on an uncle with 4 wives and each of those wives with other marriages. I set it to zero (0) generations up and down and got back more than what I expected but more importantly, not all of his wives.

There is a Graph View that I used to return all of his wives and their other husbands. No parents and none of the children. I set the generations both up and down to zero (0). I did not set the All Connected option.

There is a Printer icon for the view that creates a .gv and a .svg file.

In desperation I also went to the Charts/graph view and discovered the Print icon and it does print out what I expected.
if I select 0 down generations, marriages are sorted chronologically R>L, not L>R and might be anticipated.
on selecting 1 down generation the above marriages are sorted R>L, BUT the next generation marriages are sorted L>R for a given descendant.
Reporting multiple marriages chronologically is also an issue with the LaTex reports (which I forgot to mention before).

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