Is there a simple cousin relationship graph?

Gramps has a Relationship Calculator, Deep connections gramplet, “Relationship between <persons>” Person filter rule (to use in combination with the Relationship graph), Relationship to home person quickview (via gramplet or pop-up)… all for determining the relationship between distant cousins.

Most of the time, I copy the output from Pedigree gramplet for myself and the cousin to a wordprocessor and then reformat for printing. Then trim back the unrelated ancestors (and their spouses) to eliminate distractions.

But none of these are both quick and easy-to-grasp for casually sharing with that cousin.

So sometimes, I resort to View Relationship feature in FamilySearch, where there is the following chart:

I’m hoping I’ve missed something similar. Ideally, it would have the clarity of sharing Families instead of just Individuals between the cousins. (Blended families can make the line of Individuals too ambiguous.)


Is there a simple cousin relationship graph?

Relationship graph with custom filter “relationship path between people”. The two people for the filter have to be selected manually. I don’t think that there is an automated way right now if you want to do it for a large number of people.


I’ve used that (and it is one of the options list above). But the filtered graph has bunches of weird spurs that take nearly as much explaining as text.

Do you mean the placement of the nodes or problems with the relationship path?

The filter seems to be fine.

But the graphs renders with a bunch of extra nodes with marriage dates. These only connect to the one spouse found by the filter. They don’t connect to a child.

It looks like a voodoo doll with lots of pins stuck in it!

The chart on the right is what RelativeFinder generates. On the left is a slight variation that seems more understandable.

The lefthand modified 2 cousin pedigree has a bit more white space down the centerline that makes it look more like 2 sets of 2 columns instead of 1 set of 4 columns. And I dropped the saturation of the parent outside of the blood relationship. (The chart is my supposed relationship to Pres. George Washington.)