Graphical overview relationship

Is there a way to create a graph of the way(s) two people are related to each other?

That would be great.

Eugène Dubois

May be with the relational graphic (what can be its name in English ??)

Images of what it looks like in this tweet:

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Reports → Graphs → Relationship Graph

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To discover the English name for a Feature in your localized Gramps, use the Help button then select the English language from wiki’s Languages bar. (Since the webpage will shift focus to the top of page, open a copy of the original page before changing languages. Having the pages side-by-side will help you navigate to the comparable section.)

Likewise, you can discover the localized name for a feature by doing the Reverse. Hotlinks to documentation will typically be for the English wiki page. Use the wiki Language bar to locate the equivalent section in your native language.

If the page hasn’t been translated, help us get it started. Translating the Table of Contents is a good start!

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Thank you. I looked for it on @Mattkmmr’s site but I couldn’t find it and I wasn’t in front of Gramps when I’d sent my response


Yes I found that. Thank you very much. The relationship graph is great. Especially in combination with the filter “relationship path between bookmarked persons”.

But a filter “relationship path between persons tagged …” would absolutely make more sense.

Is there a reason why that filter doesn’t exist?

Thank you very much,
Eugène Dubois

You can create such a filter. First create a filter using the rule “People with the <tag>”, and then create another filter using the first filter as input to the rule “Relationship path between <person> and people matching <filter>”.

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I use a person filter, using the rule “relationship path between ”, then run a relationship graph on this filter.
Sometimes this doesn’t work so well if the persons are distantly related. In this case, I use two rules in the filter, using relationship path between to a common ancestor.
This also works if I want to show relationship between 3 or more people.