Installing 5.1.3 on Ubuntu Linux 18.04.5 LTS

i installed 5.1.3 on Ubuntu and tried to run it. i get a message about a module i should install regarding GExiv2. it gives a big long 2-line URL to see for building it. but this is displayed in a way that i cannot highlight the text for pasting into a web browser. it is too long and complex to type it. messages like this should use a different text display method that allows highlight and paste. also, the text is too small to easily read, and that display method also does not allow enlarging text (Ctrl+mouse roller forward).

is all of these feature modules listed somewhere in the wiki?

i want to try out having every feature available for this version of Ubuntu.

i am putting together a Python script that carries out all the installation steps i end up doing. when i change it i will undo everything a run it again. then i will make it available for other Ubuntu users. hopefully it will also work on Debian.

See the Gramps for more details.

gramps/ at master · gramps-project/gramps · GitHub

That only covers all the modules for the builtins and some of the addons. For the reset of the addons you need to see each of the individual addon support pages, see the list on this page:

5.1 Addons - Gramps

The GExiv2 is an optional support lib for reading Exiv2 metadata on images.

There’s a Prerequisites addon Gramplet that you can run in the Dashboard.

By the way, you’re setting yourself quite the challenge. The last time I installed a major update, Gramps downloaded nearly 150 add-ons. And while many added only a single features, some of those had an inordinate complement of features that could interact. Just looking at each gramplet’s documentation was a burden. And that doesn’t even consider the extensive exploring needed for the built-in feature set.

Thank you for sharing that work!

The installers for Windows & Mac made Gramps much more accessible for many users.

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