Check for prerequisite gramplet question

Running Mint and Win 10/11 with Gramps 5.1.5
After restarting my work on the metadata viewer plugin - had to reinstall Mint and all that goes with Python, except for the Gramps code - I have come up against a puzzle.

I am trying to find and install the Prerequisite check gramplet, but cannot find it under Linux, while my old install on Win 10 has it installed (still) and with my latest AIO-64 5.15.-1 under Win 11, I had no problem finding and installing it.
Yet the web page
Addon:Prerequisites Checker Gramplet - Gramps

does not say that this gramplet is only intended for Win or Mac OS.
What am I missing?

It hasn’t been changed for about 2 years. It doesn’t mention having any Linux problems.

Did you check to see if you had it ‘hidden’ with the Plugin Manager? (If you had hidden it, you have to enable the Plugin Manager to show hidden items.)

I have a fork with bit of tweaking (some formatting and update the wiki page links) and would appreciate some feedback.

After checking for hidden plugins, none were hidden :frowning:
Downloaded your version from Github, installed the files in ~/.gramps/gramps51/plugins and all seems good, as far as I can tell, though I am still getting used to all the data presented by the plugin.

Assume the issues mentioned on your Github page refer to your version (only?)

The issues apply to both. The official version hasn’t had a tweak in the last couple years.

I only tweaked where mildly competent to do so. The listed issues are beyond my skillset.

for instance, the following line indicates that a manual check is required:
• librsvg2 (Manual check see instructions link)

But the following webpage indicates that it can be tested via code:

Yet, I don’t know enough to determine if that is something that could be done in the add-on. Or how to do so.

Understood. I have just (sort of, I think) run into a similar problem with the metadata plugin.
I had wanted to confirm that Exiftool and its interface were available on the system and advise the user that these were needed etc, but all of the checking is/seems to be done long before the plugin gets control.
Presumably, that is/was the reason for the proposal to expand the code to do this checking etc.
Unfortunately I was unable to make it work.

@Nick-Hall is there direction on testing for an exiftool prerequisite?

If you haven’t installed it, you might want to grab the Isotammi ZIPinstall addon. It will find the ZIPs created as downloads from GitHub respositories in your download folder. Then install/overwrite the folder contents in your plugins folder. With a minimum of fuss.

Thank you for that link.
It opens a whole new batch of things to do :slight_smile:

Ahh… the drawbacks of finding neat tools!

You definitely want to follow the Isotammi official addons in the Taapeli project · GitHub and Kari’s personal repository too.

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