Importing Brother's Keeper DT7 backup files


I’m looking for a family tree program under macOS. I have old database file’s from Brother’s Keeper 7 (DT7). I have no GEDCOM and can’t use BK7 on a mac.
Is there any way to import, translate or use an DT7 2 GED program so I can use the old data again?

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The Trial version of Brother’s Keeper is apparently not limited in the number of people in the database nor does it disable the GEDCOM export. Since you’re talking about a backup format with a very limited market, you are unlikely to find an aftermarket translation tool. The conversion will have to be performed with Brother’s Keeper.

So you should either find a friend with a Windoze box and ask them to use the Trial version to convert the file to a GEDCOM. Or use one of the Windoze emulators for macOS and do that task yourself.


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Brothers Keeper appears to be a one-man operation (John Steed*). You might try contacting him to see if he could assist you. Maybe for a fee.


The best thing that you can do is follow Brian’s advice, and install a Windows emulator like crossover, or a virtual machine like virtualbox, and then run Windows 10 in that. You can get virtualbox and Windows 10 for free, although the latter will complain about activation. You can ignore that however, for a very long time.
The other way would be to send the database to me, and let me convert it to GEDCOM for you. I will then check your tree for familiar names, and I already noticed that your surname is familiar.
I expect that the conversion will be pretty straightforward, because BK does not have very exotic features.

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