How to turn off email

how can i turn off email of individual replies going to my email? i just want a periodic summary at most and read replies here on the forum. when i try to go to my preferences, nothing comes up.

In your Preferences there is an email section where you set what will trigger an email response.

the problem i’m having is that when i select “Preferences” (has the 6-tooth gear icon in front of that line) nothing comes up.


Did you ever get past this problem? (perhaps by logging in again, flushing the browser cache or using a different browser?)

i do get to preferences, now. i just tried. i went to the section for emails. i don’t understand “When I don’t visit here” near the bottom under “Activity Summary”.

under account it says my device is in Netherlands, how can i fix that?

That’s enabled only when you don’t have it set to Mail list mode. If you turn off mail list mode and select this option, it allows you to select if you want daily to semi-annual summaries.

As for the devices, the top one should be your current machine and log-in location. The others have a wrench beside them. Those let you say that log-in was not you.

there is only one device. how do i change its location?

I not sure that is an option. It might be detect where you connect to a net backbone.

Does it matter? Discourse puts one of my logins more than 500 miles away. And none in cities closer than 125 miles away.

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Logon location:
At the moment I can think of two reasons for “interesting” places.

  1. When I was connected to the internet via xDSL my provider used to regularly change my external ip address and the DSLAM. I believe that this was a security feature.
  2. I have also noticed that as ISPs are absorbed into larger corporations ping routes to my own provider and the internet convolute through the layers of ownership.

Mailing List Mode turned itself off in my Discourse Preferences around 2 July 2021. I just turned it back on manually.

Anyone else notice the same? (Maybe it is a timeout functionality to reduce load.)

I leverage that feature here because some people retract their postings and good information goes away.

did it end all your email or just give you a different mode?

Thanks for asking that. Had not noticed that All the mail options were off.

But I only had had one other enabled. It had also turned off notifications when the messaging inbox received something.