How to show my wife is married to me

I haver entered my own data, and I have entered my wife’s data. But how do I show that we are married?

Go into the Family section and create a new record. Select your name and your wife in the top section.
In the bottom section, add a Marriage record with your date in Events.
That is also the place you add your children.

Another drag’n’drop method from the People view:

  1. copy either your profile or your wife’s (or both) to the clipboard.
  2. select the opposite spouse/partner
  3. from the ‘Add’ menu, select “Family”
  4. drag the selected Person from the View overtop the field labels of the appropriate (but empty) spouse
  5. drag the other spouse from the clipboard to
    the opposite empty spouse.
  6. add the marriage/separation/divorce Events to the Family Events tab, not a Spouse’s Events. (The role will be ‘Family’, not ‘Primary’… indicating the Event applies equal to both partnters)

If you want to add you parents or sibs, don’t close your marriage family yet. Add ANOTHER family and drag yourself from the Partner spot in the marriage family to the Children tab in the new family. Now you can drag (or add) parents & sibs into the appropriate spots in the new family.

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