How do people distinct States from State?

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What is wrong with Crown Dependencies ?

Nothing, but that was not the question!

I looked up my records. I had Guernsey and Jersey but not Alderney.

I had Channel Islands as a “Region” under the U.K./G.B. record with Guernsey and Jersey as “Island”. Their enclosed by date to Channel Islands was 1/1/1 which means I am using the entry as an “organizing” location but which will never, except on 1 Jan 1 ever appear in the hierarchy. I also have the appropriate (I hope) enclosed by dates to Normandy and the UK/GB as the case may be.

Long story short, I use “Island” as their place type.

As to the larger question, I see nothing wrong using both “State” for one of the 50 states of the U.S. or “State” for another country’s geographical designations.

Is England a “Country” or is it a “State” under the United Kingdom?

With the coming release of 5.2, an entity will be able to have multiple place Types with their own date structures. And the goal is to allow a more nuanced Place Display editor that will allow different configuration rules for different countries.


Not usefull for anyone, just delete the post!

I use Wikipedia a lot for my place information and place the link under the internet tab. When in doubt, the site usually has a good recommendation for the type classification.

I use it for things like the world oceans. I group all oceans under… you guessed it…Oceans. All the actual Oceans are enclosed using 1/1/1 as the date. It keeps the place list ‘tidy’. I have another “Orphan Places” that holds some of those oddball items. An example are the four zone of occupation of Germany after WW2. They are top level places but not on par with other Countries.

Other places I use the trick on are places that are just too well known that the other parts of its address would be superfluous. Harvard College, Yale, Oxford and Cambridge. Or Buckingham Palace and The White House. I keep them within their hierarchy structure but subvert the printing of the full location information.


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