Have shared Information auto open up in Media Reference Editor

Gramps 5.1.3 on windows 10. Is there a way to have Shared Information to always be displayed when in the Media reference editor so I don’t have to manually open every time? I’m entering a lot of media, a start over, and just slows me down to keep opening it.

I guess this is not the answer you expect but if you open your media from the Media View you only have the shared part


I am not sure I am understanding so please correct me, but what I am reading is…

You have a media record that you have added to a record. After attaching it to the record, you have cropped, or tagged, the image for the relevant information. You then attach the same image to a second, or third record and perform the exact same crop/tag of the image a second or third time.

If that scenario is what you are doing it is an easy fix.

Once you have the first cropped image, copy (drag-n-drop) this media record to the clipboard. This is a Referenced Media record as opposed to the raw Media Record. Any time you copy the Referenced Media image into another record’s Gallery, the cropped information is also copied.

After I drag and drop the image to a source or event, I then have to edit the image to change the title so it’s not the same as the file name to be more readable. I have to do this for every image by opening up the shared information dialog. I would like it to default to the open position instead of me having to click the down arrow to open it in the media reference editor.

Thank you PLegoux. I know I can do it that way, but since I’m in gallery, why not do it there.

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I think a parameter like that one found in these directory and files exists for your case too:

Okay, Now I understand.

That would require a change in the code and then a change in a change in a user’s work flow. I am sure that if a change was implemented, other users would deride the change asking to have it reversed.

I too edit the Title and add a date (when known) for all my media records when adding new records to a Gallery tab. And I do all that before I even think about cropping or tagging the image. But then, I only do the crop/tag on group photos as I share the same photo with those in the photo. But a document image can also be cropped to highlight the relevant section of a census image (as an example). And I am sure this is why the default is to the Reference and not the shared section.

On my part, at the end of my session of entering records, I will scan my Media records sorted by most recent to see if I have edited the Title and Date on all the new records. Sometimes I do omit this step when adding a new file.

So the short version, I see no easy solution. But maybe with this thread other users will join in saying… “Yeah, I agree with @moorob.”

Like moorob, I’d rather have the shared data window segment open automatically. 99.9% of the time I need to access the shared data when I open a media object attached to another object. And that is the way Gramps worked back in 3.x or 4.x. It is only one extra click (that I make many times in an editing session) to get to the data and I did not complain when it changed. And I agree with DaveSch that a change back will annoy some users.

This is too trivial an item, if the shared data window should be opened automatically, to be in the preferences. But I would support it being in an ini file.

I have it on my todo list to hack the code in my copy of Gramps to automatically open the window but I have to wait until I figure out Python and how the code works.

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