Visual display of Media References and accessing notes


I’ve used the media reference editor to select regions of individuals in a picture.
I can see these references in the gallery of the individuals, but is there a “reverse” way of highlighting or overlaying these reference areas when viewing the media as a whole?
eg. like someone explaining who-is-who in the picture "this is <person’s name> this is her friend "

also I’ve referenced media in places. these places also have notes, is there a quick way to accessing these notes when viewing the media?
eg. like someone explaining the place where the picture was taken: “this is the pub we used to frequent, where the mall is today, it was demolished in 1960”

lastly is there a mode/setup to enter this sort of information from a picture, eg while listening to someone explaining like the examples given above.

I’m using Gramps 5.1.5 on MacOS 12.2.1 Monterey

Welcome @laiwube !

You could use the Photo Tagging and Note Gramplets from Medium view to do and see this:

If you open them outside of the gramplet bar (detach them), any media you click on in Medium view or right click on then make it active media in gallery tab of object editors in other views will refresh these two windows to make you see their respective contents.

Here a boat recorded as a Place I activate the media that way. In that case, this media don’t have note nor person associated with it but display well even I’m not in Medium view but in Places view:

Here a media associated to a Person open in Relationship view, that media includes person and notes:

Right click on media to make it active:

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