Notes references and Notes shared with medias

If I share a note with a media (in my case between a place and two medias associated with that place), in the media editor:

  • if I link the note to the reference part of the media, the note references don’t show that reference to that media
  • if I link the note to the shared part of the media, the note references show it well

Is this a little bug to be reported?

P.S: As I am talking about two media, here is the one with I did the test above so you can see its title and ID:

In the example I show, a note attached to a media record in the blue zone are attached to the media record itself.

A note attached to the red zone are being attached to the object (person, event, place, etc) the media object is attached to. This is what allows you to crop a media record when it is attached to something else. The crop belongs to the other object, not the media record itself.

In events, you cannot see roles with the event record. The role belongs to the person’s portion of the event.

It is hard to explain. But the same principle applies to all objects. What applies to the record itself, and what applies to the other object when the record is shared.

Maybe someone else can explain it better.

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Ah yes, how stupid I am not to have thought about it. In fact if there was a reference counter, the note would display 3 references between it and the place. It’s just that we don’t see this counter and as we don’t see it I thought that only the place was only linked to the note (it is the case but 3 times, one to the place and two to the reference to the two media)

Thank you !

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