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Hi every body,
I recently noticed that i didn’t use the “note” in “individu” properly. I use to share the “notes” between the different "individu"s (like any line in a database) which leads to a mistake when the note is updated. It changes the note linked to people that i didn’t intend to. I do not understand why the note is sharable between people. I believe that i am not the only newbie to make this base error. Is there any reason about this choice?
I take the opportunity of this message to sincerely thanks the devs of gramps for their amazing job.

I share notes between people, one of my most common uses is with family
graves I will put all the details of the people in the grave in one note
and share it same as photo of headstone. The individual obviously has
the burial date, plot number and cemetery in the burial event

Sharing a note makes sense depending on data nature. If contents is unique to the object (person, family, event, location, …), obviously the note should not be shared. But, if it explains why several “objects” are linked in an indirect way (e.g. they are members of a fraternity, university prom, trade ring, …), sharing the note avoids to duplicate it to attach to the object. And since this note is shared, any update is visible from each object.

Notes are “simple” because they contain “unclassified” data. On the contrary, Events are special objects. They usually involve several persons. Though the event itself is common, every participant may have a different role. Therefore the Event object is quite complex with two parts:

  • the shared description of the “raw” event
  • a unique Role part for each participant

Technically, only the Role part is referenced from the primary object (Person, Family, …). This Role part then references the “raw” event.

When you update the “raw” event, this change is visible from all “participants”. If you update the Role part, this does not leak to others and the “raw” event is unchanged.

Perhaps this is what you’d like to have for your “notes”? The simplest way to do it is to split the note into two fragments: a general one for the context, shared between objects, and a specific one attached to a single object, thus not shared.

Thank you for your explanations, it seems that a good use of the soft needs a high level of skill ! I will think twice now before storing datas.
good search everybody

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