How to best handle scanned documents & images?

(Gramps v 5.1.4 and Operating System Windows 10 Home N)
I’m new to Gramps, ok it’s the first genealogy program I’ve used. I’m doing well with it though.
I’ve been collecting (mainly) obituaries and such for many years now, and keep them all in a digital format of some type (pdf, jpg, doc, etc). My thought when starting out with Gramps was that I would attach each document to the appropriate ‘people/person’ record, and that it could be accessed or displayed from there. But I’m not yet finding a suitable way to do this. I’m thinking Gallery is intended for pictures? It doesn’t seem to display a text document very well.
What might be the best way for me to attach or link these various documents to the persons record? What am I missing?
Thanks in advance!

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Depending on the document, I may attach it to a person, family, event, citation, or other object by placing it in the gallery for that object.

Within Gramps, It may seem a little cumbersome, but one way to access any media object is to open the Media Reference Editor by selecting the object in the gallery and editing it (either double-click on the icon/thumbnail or single-click and select the edit icon (looks like a pencil on my system)). On the General tab under Shared Information, you can double click on the Preview and the object will be opened in the appropriate application. So jpg, png, and other graphics files will be opened in an image viewer (Gwenview is the default on my Kubuntu system), pdf files will be opened in a pdf viewer (Okular on my system), txt files in a text editor, etc. I don’t have any doc or odt files in my collection, but I suspect they would work the same way.

I don’t generate many reports other than narrated websites, so I don’t know how the various file types work on other reports. In the narrated website, I get thumbnails or icons that can be used to look at the object.




I will add images/media as documentation within Gramps. An image of a BMD certificate gets added to a source/citation for the appropriate event. The only images I add to a person or family gallery tab will be images of people.

But like @jacrider I use the Narrated website which will display all media records wherever found within Gramps. Not all reports will display media in citations, etc.

Almost all sections of Gramps will have a Gallery tab. Any Gallery tab can hold any Media record. Notice it is a Media record list, not limited to images.

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Something to look forward to… recent commits to the Gramps 5.2 master include supporting more formats in the Gallery thumbnailing. So PDF thumbnails in the Gallery will be more representative of their content.


I think my problem was in not viewing the files correctly.
I discovered that if I select a media file listed in a Gallery by a single click, a right-click then offers a choice of “View” which then opens the file in its appropriate program/viewer. The media editor of Gramps apparently does not display, or edit, all file-types (which is fine), and that is where I was stuck…

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