Sharing Reference Media

GrampsAIO64-5.1.2-1 and Windows 10

How do I ‘share’ a media in GRAMPS. As an example I have the 1841 census records and want to attach it to all the family members. Do I need to add it to each person or is there a way to ‘share’ like you can share events?

Using your example of an 1841 Census, the first sharing would be the Event’s Source/Citation.

Create the Census event with the Census source/Citation. I would put the image record in the Citation’s Gallery tab. This event would get Shared with all the relevant people. Each person through the citation is linked to the image.

There is also the Form Gramplet that you can utilize to assist you.

As discussed in another discussion, the next question is where else to put the image. The image in the citation does not display in many/most reports.

One option you may consider is to place the image in the Event’s gallery tab. Again, images here do not always display in many/most reports.

The last area to consider is placing the image in each person’s personal Gallery tab. Images in this tab are shown in many reports.

Sharing the census media with the census citation (or census source), then sharing this/these citations with events based on census content and finally sharing these events with people or families, implicitly share media with all people associated to these events

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