Person ID field width in person editor

Due to my notation I can have large ID number for persons.
So, where is the width of the Person Editor ID field defined in the Gramps sources? I would like to widen it.


Thank you!

(Please include your Gramps version and Operating System: GrampsAIO64-5.1.1-1, Windows 10)


Line 635


What is the unit used? I tried to double its value but it didn’t change anything

I changed mine to 10 that is how I knew where to find it so quickly.

Did you remember to restart Gramps after making the change?

Now I am not so sure what is happening. I changed mine back to “6” with no change occurring.

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You may also need to change “width-request”. I think these two interact somewhat. And you may also have to make the overall dialog larger to make room for the longer line. Getting these dialogs to behave well and fit nicely is sometimes frustrating, as the various widgets can be resized by other factors, and unless the various ‘expand’ and “fill” values on each widget and the enclosing widgets are set right, Gtk will sometimes ignore the settings.

Oh, it is not necessary to restart Gramps when editing the glade files, only to close/reopen the Gui element that the glade file is defining, in this case the person editor.


That’s cool !

I tried to change both values without any effect but something’s done when using fill=true property:

It’s not perfect, depending person is tagged or not but it works better:

Thank you both !

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Now you need to remember this hack of the code because when you install the next version release it is back to square one.


I store some private notes about hack patches and configuration. I go so far as to add the hacked module as media object. This allows me to quickly open the impacted module & reapply the patch.

I understand that there are tools for such configuration management. I just don’t have the free bandwidth to learn something that I’ll have to re-learn each time because of the long intervals between use.

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