Addon Manager add project dialog width too narrow

The add New/Edit Project dialog for the Addon Manager is unsuitably narrow by default. URLs are generally much longer than can fit without scrolling.


Being about 95% of the Addon Manager window width would be a reasonable default width.

  1. Isn’t the “Url:” label an acronym and supposed to be all upper case? (“URL:”)
  2. If the URL: text field was a 2 line box with text wrapping, that would occasionally be helpful.

I didn’t see where the size was specified in gramps/gui/plug/

To fix this you probably want to edit the line 811 (or thereabouts) like this:

        dialog = Gtk.Dialog(title=title, transient_for=self.window, default_width=600)

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Thanks! Guess it is easier when you know what you should be looking for.

Looks like Line 781 is just missing the , default_width=600 portion.

Fixed in pull request #1568.

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